How to fix all problems in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Either that or, y’know, quitting after the first night!

(No, Pirate Cove guy, you don’t get anything. >:C)



gosh marnie u are so cute i could eat u up


Oops! I made a loom band choker…


Oops! I made a loom band choker…

He’s a jerk. He’s being such a jerk.

I was tagged by: thec0medyqueen

Name: Liam

Nickname: Li

Birthday: 12th October

Gender: Mostly a dude

Sexuality: idk, probably Pansexual 

Height: 5’8

Timezone: GMT/BST

What Time and Date is it there: 26/08/2014; 18:10pm

Average Hours of Sleep I Get a Night: 4

Last Thing I Googled: "How do I repair Boots of the Traveller"

Most Used Phrase(s): nerd

First Word That Comes to Mind: Butts

What I Last Said to a Family Member: 'I divvint kna'

One Place That Makes Me Feel Happy and Why: Oooo Caaaaa—naaa—daahhhh, bc fuckin cadadians dude

How Many Blankets I Sleep Under: 1

Favourite Beverage(s): Dr Pepper

Last Movie I Watched at the Cinema: I think it was Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

A Piece of Advice to All My Followers: wow i dont know ummm … TOUCH ALL THE BUTTS BC U NEVER KNOW WHICH ONE WILL BELONG TO UR TRU LUV.

I tag: i dunno um kateesackhoff mactears and … major-hellstrom